We’ve been aborists in the Wairarapa since 1992 and have an extensive knowledge about which trees thrive here. We have cared for many public and private trees in the towns and countryside.

We are members of the New Zealand Aborists Association and the Internatonal Society of Arborists and actively keep up with national and international developments in technology and technique.

We have an unblemished safety record of which we are very proud, and we work hard to maintain that record.


We offer a full range of expert services including:

  • design and plant treescapes, orchards and woodlots
  • undertake professional reports and consultancy
  • tree pruning and maintenance eg. dead wood removal, crown reduction and lifting, branch removal and crown thinning
  • fell trees and clear wooded areas
  • consult on and treat pests and diseases
  • stump and root grinding
  • supply chipped material and mulching or composting

Everything we do is done in a safe and professional manner.


Mobile: 027 657 5039

Mail: 36 Harrison Street, Featherston, Wairarapa, New Zealand

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